The company “Sang Froid labs (India) limited” was incorporated as a private limited company under the company’s act 1956 on 9th Sept. 1994 , with its registered office in New Delhi. It was converted to public limited company on 19th April , 1995 vide a special resolution passed in an extra ordinary general meeting held on 10th march , 1995.

The main objects of the company for which it was incorporated were to import/export , buy/ and deal in pharmaceutical medicines , drug intermediates , bulk drugs , medical preparations , surgical instruments , X-ray equipments , cat scanner , ultrasound equipments , blood testing equipments and all other hospital related equipment. The company was incorporated to produce, purchase, sell, refine, purify, process, import ,export and generally deal in pharmaceuticals, medical related chemical disinfectants , homeopathic, ayurvedic medicines, vaccines, capsule/tablets, injectibles, ointments and all other products, by-products there-of. The company also wanted to deal in purchase, sell, import and export of surgical,medical and scientific equipments , health care aids , health care products and to act as distributors  and market the related products. All the necessary approvals were also sought and received

The required industrial set-up was to come up in Chatta district , Mathura , around 110 miles from new Delhi .

Sang Froid at present is dealing in health care aid , health care products and market the related products. The company plans to shortly start dealing in pharmaceuticals , surgical equipments and all other related hospital equipments.




Sang Froid Labs (India) Ltd.